Zithromax for gum infections in cats

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LEWIS Severe caudal stomatitis and residual rostral stomatitis is seen in a cat that had partial mouth extractions about one year earlier.

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The recommended approach to this case would be to extract any remaining teeth, radiograph for the presence of any retained root tips in the areas of missing teeth, and consider biopsy of the more severely affected rht caudal oral mucosa.

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What antibiotic is used for an abcessed tooth? Is Azithromycin ever.

The inside of Sammy's, my cat's, mouth has inflamed gums at the top and bottom and his breath is bad.

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Dear Tx Gramma, Yes, Azithromycin is used for dental infections and abscesses, among other things. Untreated tooth with an abscess can lead to a brain abscess.

Zithromax for gum infections in cats:

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